an ordinary girl. an extraordinary life.

Headaches and Hauntings

Catherine Jamieson is an ordinary Scottish girl gifted with an extraordinary ability to see and communicate with the dead. From a young age, spirits are drawn to her but not everyone is impressed with her psychic ability. As a teenager growing up in in the 1970’s, Cat discovers a closely kept family secret which changes her life forever. Shunned by her parents and peers, she is forced to move to London, and so begins her extraordinary tale. Follow her incredible journey as it takes you from her humbled tenement beginnings in Paisley, to the opulent homes of her rich and famous clients in Beverly Hills. From obscurity to international stardom, from poverty to extreme wealth. In a life full of twists and turns. Expect the unexpected. You will believe the dead can speak!

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Book Launch with Gerard Butler

A Paisley author has told how homegrown screen star Gerard Butler told her it was “meant to be” after their paths crossed by chance. Debut novelist Christine Johnston bumped into the Greenland and Olympus Has Fallen star when he visited the Loch Lomondside tourist haven where she works.

Chrissie, who like Butler is originally from Gallowhill, crossed paths with the Paisley legend at Balmaha Lodges, where he spent time during a recent visit home to Scotland to mark his birthday. Her boss mentioned to the Hollywood hunk that Sales and Marketing Manager Chrissie is also a Buddie – and has just penned her first book, set in the town. The author, who uses the pen name Chrissie Heron, told the Express:

“The site director told Gerard, like him, I was from Gallowhill in Paisley and I had just launched my first book based in the town. I was blown away when he asked me into his lodge to

discuss my novel.” The actor was keen to hear about her debut work Headaches and Hauntings, which tells the story of Catherine Jamieson, an ordinary Scottish girl gifted with the ability to communicate with the dead. Set in the 1970s, the novel sees Catherine discover a family secret which changes her life forever and takes her from tenement beginnings in Paisley, via London, to the bright lights of Beverly Hills as stardom beckons.

Added Chrissie: “We took lots of pictures and Gerard was happy to support me with my book launch.”

About Chrissie Heron

Chrissie Heron is a Scottish author, born in Paisley and now living in East Kilbride, Glasgow with her son Kyle. 

After a  successful career spent in sales and marketing in various commercial radio stations in Scotland, Chrissie turned her back on the corporate madness and set up her own marketing company.

Since lockdown she has settled into a new way of life, writing the odd book, drinking great wine and eating wonderful food. Her moto is ‘Go ahead and try it – you just might like it!’

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